SMS/USSD Gateway System

Bridge Your Communication Using Our Established and Reliable System

SMS/USSD technology can be used as a communication bridge for various needs.

With our experience and expertise for more than 18 years, we surely can provide you a reliable and secure SMS/USSD Gateway System to send information to your customer anytime & anywhere.

It is also useful for giving out information to your customers, such as in the fields of transportation, tourism, banking, advertising, construction, retail, wholesale trade and mass communication.

All the reasons why you should start using our SMS/USSD Gateway System

High Performance

eMobile has passed Audit Security test that has been done by clients who have used the eMobile SMS/USSD Gateway system. Our engine has been stress-tested with high throughput results. The capacity SMS/USSD Gateway eMobile has been prepared to handle 5,000 concurrent transactions with a throughput of up to 1,000 tps (transactions per second).

Secure System

eMobile provide a secure system on SMS/USSD Gateway system. we limit connections to operators and to Banks/Clients via a dedicated line or VPN and firewall, not via open internet. In addition, API from the Client/Bank system to the SMS/USSD Gateway eMobile is also encrypted.  

Reliable System

SMS/USSD Gateway system that has been proven to be reliable and safe, a stable system with an Enterprise scale for the needs of Client in the future.

High Availability & Accessibility

SMS/USSD Gateway eMobile is able to reach customers in all over Indonesia because it is fully supported by Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, IOH & Smartfren with high accessibility and availability. Thus, transactions can be performed anytime and anywhere.

Problem Handling

Responsibility and Problem handling for every problem, both problems on the Client system or operator.


eMobile is a Service Integrator that has been CERTIFIED by Telkomsel operator.

Easy to Use

SMS/USSD Gateway eMobile provide standard API with the HTTP protocol that facilitates integration with Client/Bank systems.

Backup System

eMobile provide a backup system or DRC for the SMS/USSD Gateway system.

Our SMS/USSD Gateway system can provide you solutions, such as :

Premium MO/MT SMSSMS service that can be used for both financial and non-financial transactions(will deduct customers’ phone credit)
Bulk MO/MT SMSSMS service that can be used for both financial and non-financial transactions(Paid by the Bank/company)
Premium MT Push SMSSMS service that can be used to send Notification, OTP and Broadcast SMS to customers throughout Indonesia.(will deduct customers’ phone credit)
Bulk MT Push SMSSMS service that can be used to send Notification, OTP and Broadcast SMS to customers throughout Indonesia.(Paid by the Bank/company)
SMS Overseas BulkSMS service that can be used to send Notification, OTP, and Broadcast SMS to customers who are abroad.(Paid by the bank/company)
USSD PullServices that can be accessed by customers via any type of mobile phone and at any time by simply dialing the code without having to remember the syntax code.(will deduct customers’ phone credit)
USSD PushNotification service in the form of pop-up on mobile phone, to report information to customers.(will deduct customers’ phone credit)

Are you looking for a solution with minimum effort for maximum result?


SMS Advanced

Using our Advanced SMS now you can add or insert messages on SMS Notification of balance movements and/or credit maturity, to make it easier to convey information about ongoing promos or events at your company.

Advance SMS settings may vary or be determined based on the time period and date the promo takes place. That way, it is more effective and efficient in delivering it to customers.

Here is the architecture of our SMS Gateway system