About Us

PT eMobile Indonesia

Since 2004, we have started our cooperation with banking industry. Our head office located in Central Jakarta, supported with IT division including developers, quality control, system analyst, technical support and other supporting divisions. Our goal is to cooperate with banks in Indonesia, whether they are conventional, private, syaria, and local. We aim to provide advanced and sophisticated banking services to all bank customers in various regions of Indonesia.

PT eMobile Indonesia was formed in June 2000 by former IBM & local MNC executives with a combined total of over 45 years of experience in IT industry.

More Than 2 Decades of Experience in Information Technology

eMobile has more than 20 years of experience that is focusing on application development and mobile solution such as 1) Multi channel mobile banking using 3 connections which are Data, SMS and Dial Code *141#, and 2) Mobile payment.

Mutual Profitable Relationship

eMobile Indonesia focuses on synergy and mutual support to build long-term relationship with our partners. Along with banks, our vision and mission are to increase fee-based as well as number of transactions in bank. We realize this by maintaining the system’s stability for the sake of customer’s comfort and safety in doing banking transactions

Focus on Needs & Problem Solving

eMobile Indonesia always strives to deliver products and services that meet our partner’s needs, able to cooperate, provides support, accompany and gives “what next” after channel service live (program that involves related parties) in order to improve transactions and deliver the best output for banks.

Our Proudest Achievements

We committed to always give the best service and support to our partners and clients. We believe hard work always paid off, and with all these achievements we will continue to strive to do the best service.

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