QRIS Acquirer & Merchant

Supporting the New Standard of Cashless Transaction

QRIS PAYMENT: The New Era of Cashless Transaction

QRIS payment make it easier for customers to perform cashless transactions through QR code scan. Transaction becomes more practical and efficient because customer no longer need physical cards.

Equipped with a QR code that complies with Bank Indonesia standards, this feature also helps Banks and Customers in supporting the government’s plan to implement cashless transactions.

QR Acquirer Scheme

In this scheme, bank will store merchant data and receive payment transactions from merchants or customers through the QR (Quick Response) system. Merchants are required to open an account at the Bank. Then, Bank will generate a QR code.

The QR Acquirer developed is Merchant Presented Mode (MPM), a QR transaction where the merchant provides a QR Code to be scanned by Bank customers.

Two types of QR :

Static QR

Contains only Merchant information. After the QR is scanned, the customer must manually input detail of transactions.

Dynamic QR

Contains Merchant information and payment nominal. Merchant needs a device provided by the Acquirer to generate QR Code.

What you can get from our QR Acquirer:

Merchant Registration

Registration for Merchant so they can include Static or Dynamic QR as payment method.

QR Transactions from Merchant

We will develop Mobile App that allows your merchants to generate Static or Dynamic QR for transactions.

Push Notification

With this service, merchants will be notified when they receive success payment.

Check Transaction Status

Feature for merchants to properly supervise the status of transactions.


A simple and intuitive way to refund a transaction. You can choose to refund partially or completely, according to your own policy.


We will provide reporting for QRIS-related transactions for reconciliation and settlement purpose.

During development process, we will assist you in obtaining permits to ASPI (Indonesian Payment System Association) and also to BI (Bank Indonesia) regarding QRIS development.