Mobile Credit

We presents Mobile Credit Application to support digitalization of credit process from Banks to their customers.

What is Mobile Credit?

It is a solution for Banks or companies provides funding support to customers so they will be able to borrow money or make payments then pay it back within a specified period of time with the interest, only by using their smartphones.

Benefits for your Customers

1. Get Now Pay Later

Customers can purchase or make transactions Now and then pay Later.

2. No Monthly Fee and Annual Fee

No monthly fee or annual fee charged to customers

3. Legitimate

Mobile Credit service is legal and safe because provided by a bank registered with the OJK.

4. Auto Debit

Customers can use Auto debit to make payments.

Benefits for Bank

1. Increase Revenue

Revenue will increase as customer perform more transaction using Mobile Credit.

2. Increase Value Added

Increase Bank’s value added to their customer

3. Auto Debit

Bank do not have to wait the customer to pay for the credit since it will be automatically debited from their account.

4. Custom Billing Date

Can determine the billing date according to the customer payroll date

eMobile Mobile Credit System consists of :

Our Mobile Credit application provides basic & advanced features of non financial and financial transactions, as well as for Web Admin. And of course, these features can be customized based on your needs or specific requests.

Basic FeaturesAdvanced FeaturesWeb Admin Features
LoginInstallment RequestLogin
Detail ProfileDue ReminderUser Data
HomeReminder Register Auto DebitUser Level
Billing HistoryRequest Upgrade LimitReset Password
Transaction HistoryRequest Full Payment from InstallmentsChange Password
About Mobile CreditRequest Change Installment PeriodSystem Setting
Contact UsQRISCIF Group
FAQAdd Payment AccountAuthorize CIF
InboxMobile Credit Type Upgrade RequestSetting Biller
Save Favorite TransactionsAdd AccountReport CIF
  Report CIF Terminated
  Report Transaction
  Report Summary
  Block CIF
  Service Type Setting