Smart Topup

Efficient Solution for Financial Transaction

No more failed transactions due to insufficient phone credit (pulsa)

Smart top up is a solution for customers with insufficient phone credit to receive OTP or verification code while performing financial transaction (debit/credit). This system will detect customers with low phone credit and then offer to topup credit.

Increase Revenue

Revenue will parallelly increased as customer purchase or topup their phone credit. So it's a win solution for Bank; to get increased in both transaction and revenue.

Reduce Failure

This feature will reduce customer failure rates in receiving OTP codes and debit/credit notifications due to insufficient phone credit. Because they will be notified and drive them to purchase / topup their phone credit so they can continue their transactions.

Reduce Customer Complain

Sometimes when a transaction failed, customer will likely complain to the Bank. This feature can reduce their complain when they do not receive OTP code due to insufficient phone credit.