Mobile Entry & Mobile Approval

A smart solution for convenient data input and faster customer data approval process

Does your company spend a lot of time in processing data input & approval or still use manual / paper procedures?

You need our Mobile Entry (ME) & Mobile Approval (MA) system!

MA/ME Benefits:

  1. Real time processes anytime anywhere
  2. Effective & efficient
  3. Paperless
  4. Integrated to all related divisions/departments
  5. Secure with user level, authentication, rules, and single sign on access
  6. Complete reporting
  7. Monitoring and status check availability
  8. Automatic notification

And you will also be able to:

*maintain unprocessed and processed customer’s historical data

*avoid loss of customer’s paper document as the data is directly inputted to system

*simplify work process thus improving productivity

*avoid potential mistake of data recording or transaction leak

Example of MA / ME in Credit Company

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will analyze your credit flow, after that we will design the structure and program. The applications and programs that eMobile develops will follow your company’s credit flow, so that employees don’t find it difficult and easily adapt to new programs.